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As part of triaging bug reports about specific packages or subsystems, bug triagers and developers have been writing debugging procedures for them. These include information about how to troubleshoot issues, gather the proper log files and common bug reports. If you find one missing, and if no one else can help, e-mail the Bug Squad! You can find them at, or in #ubuntu-bugs on

Desktop Applications

Server Applications

Application Debugging Tools


Storage devices


To determine which guides are relevant to your problem see the symptom based debugging guide.

Kernel Debugging Scenarios

Kernel Debugging Guides

  • ACPI -- debugging ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)

  • BIOS -- Debugging BIOS issues on Ubuntu (DSDT, Reboot, Suspend/Resume)

  • IRQ -- debugging interrupt related issues

  • Sound -- Basic troubleshooting tips for debugging sound problems

  • System Crash -- Tips for gather information regarding system crashes and lockups

Kernel Debugging Tools/Information

  • Firmware -- All about firmware and how to debug firmware loading issues

  • Kernel Debugging Tricks -- Some kernel debugging tricks and tips

  • linux-crashdump -- How to use linux-crashdump to capture a kernel oops/panic

  • Mainline Kernel Builds -- How to use mainline kernels for debugging

  • Netconsole -- Configuring console over network using netconsole

  • Systemtap -- Introduction to Systemtap for reboot free, dynamic instrumentation

  • Ubuntu Kernel Team PPA -- Instructions on how to use the Ubuntu Kernel Team's PPA, as well as using a specific kernel developer's PPA

  • Ubuntu to mainline kernel mapping -- A table of Ubuntu releases and which mainline version they are based on, including the current release pocket assignments

  • USB -- How to debug USB problems

  • View early printk via USB -- How to view early printk messages using USB debug

  • Voodoo -- Q&A for strange symptoms and how to debug

Installation and Upgrades



We've created a template file for debugging procedure pages if you want to write a new one. The template provides a similar look and feel for all pages and ensures that they cover common subjects.

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