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This page is here to provide an index of documents and articles that can help you build strong, vibrant communities. It is encouraged that the community create new articles to help expand and grow our existing documentation to help create even better teams. If we all work together to expand this documentation, we can create a pretty compelling resource.

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Guides / HOWTOs

This section contains guides and HOWTOs for doing things effectively in the Ubuntu community, from setting up resources to resolving issues and being productive.

Team Processes

Things that all teams should be doing.

  • Team reporting - reporting to the wider project what your team is working on

Team Resources

General Information

General information and details about the LoCo project.

Joining a Team

Details about joining teams.

Running a Team

Help and resources for running a team.

LoCo Resources and Facilities

Guides and documentation about setting up the various resources and facilities your LoCo team may want to use.

  • LoCoCreatingWebsite - how to create a website, a map of your area in which users can add themselves, a planet blog aggregator, and details about free hosting options.

  • LoCoCreatingForum - how do you set up a forum for your team?

  • LoCoDocsDay - how to get involved in our regular documentation days.

  • LoCoBot - details about using our IRC bots for logging and other facilities.

  • LoCoTeamDocsToDo - Things for us to complete

  • LoCoTemplates - templates for your LoCo sites.

LoCo Activities

Guides about different types of work your team can do.

Mailing Lists

IRC Channels

  • #ubuntu-locoteams - the main IRC channel for the LoCo project.


Planning Your Community

Communicating Clearly

Processes: Simple is Sustainable

Supporting Workflow with Tools

Building Buzz

Measuring Community

  • Measuring Community - Concepts on measuring progress within your teams, and Community Self-Reflection.

  • Foundations of Feedback - An example of an effective method of gaining feedback.

  • Hooks and Data - How to develop feedback loops, polling, and other methods of gathering, and how to make use of the measurable results gained.

  • Anonymity & Privacy - Guidelines and examples on effectively using privacy and anonymity in gathering information.

Disputes and Conflict



Articles, Blog Entries and Multimedia

Blog entries and articles:



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